Month: February 2016

Boys A League Finals Set

St. Mary’s was the site of one of the most exciting boys basketball games of the season. Medicine Hat High Mohawks (2) went up against St. Mary’s Colts (3). The Mohawks won the regular season game 51-45 so both coaches knew it was going to be a close battle. The Colts were up by one late in the game, but the Mohawks sank a bucket with half a minute to play and couldn’t respond. MHHS took the semi final 45-44. The Mohawks were led by J. Howe’s 14 points, while Chayce Davies had 18 for the Colts. Gabe Dael had 14 for the Colts including two buckets from three point land. Davies was having a strong game but had to sit most of the fourth quarter. After receiving his third personal foul he said something to the official about the call and received a technical foul. He did receive his last foul late in the game preventing a Mohawk player from scoring on a breakaway.

The Mohawks will move on to play the power house Notre Dame Dawgs on Thursday for the league championship. Its going to be an uphill battle as the Dawgs have dominated the league all season.  The Colts will move on to the bronze medal game and will play Crescent Heights Vikings.

The other game at St. Mary’s saw the Colts (2) beat Alexandra (3) 36-30. The Colts were led by Ethan Smith with 13 points, including a 3 pointer, while the Jayhawks had 6 from Jayce. The Colts move on the ‘B’ league championship game against Notre Dame, while the Jayhawks will play the Vikings for the bronze medal.

Girls Playoffs – First Round

Girls A Championship Side

Crescent Heights (4) defeated Parkside(5). CHHS will play Medicine Hat High (1) @ MHHS on Monday, February 8. Notre Dame 9 (2) plays Alexandra (3) in the other semi final (Feb 8 @ 3:00 @ Notre Dame).

Girls A Consolation Side

Notre Dame 8 (6) defeated Seven Persons (9); St. Mary’s (7) defeated Roy Wilson (8). The Dawgs and Colts will play for the consolation side championship on Monday, February 8 @ Notre Dame @ 4:15.

Girls B Championship Side

Irvine 1 (1) defeated Crescent Heights (4); Parkside (2) defeated St. Mary’s (3). Irvine and Parkside will play for the Girls B Championship on February 8 @ Irvine School @ 4:15. Crescent Heights and St. Mary’s will play for bronze at St. Mary’s @ 4:15.

Girls B Consolation Side

Alexandra (5) defeated Roy Wilson (8); Medicine Hat Christian (7) defated Irvine 2 (6). Alexandra and Medicine Hat Christian will play for the Girls B Consolation Championship on February 8 @ Alexandra Middle School @ 4:15.

No scores were made available.

Girls Playoffs Schedule Set

The girls playoffs begin Wednesday, February 3. The entire schedule can be found at the basketball link.

The girls A league has five teams in the championship side. Number 4 seed Crescent Heights will play Number 5 seed Parkside to see who wins the right to move on to the next round: a semi-final game against Number 1 seed MHHS.

The girls consolation side also begins Wednesday, February 3. Four teams are vying for the consolation championship. Number 6 seed NDA will take on Number 9 seed Seven Persons, while Number 8 seed Roy Wilson will take on Number 7 seed St. Mary’s. Games will take place at Notre Dame beginning at 3:00.

The girls B league begins Wednesday, February 3 with number 1 seed Irvine and number 4 seed CHHS meeting at 4:15 in Irvine, while at 5:30 sees number 2 seed Parkside taking on number 3 seed St. Mary’s.

The girls B consolation side begins Wednesday, February 3 at Alexandra. Number 5 seed AMS plays number 8 seed Roy Wilson, while number 6 seed Irvine 2 plays number 7 seed MH Christian at 5:30.